Descendant Of A Confederate Or Federal Veteran?

Were your ancestors living in the United States of America before 1850?  Were one or more of your ancestors born in the United States between 1830 and 1845?  If so, it is highly likely that you are the descendant of a Confederate or Federal Soldier, Sailor or Marine!

Keep in mind that over 150 years separates the end of the War of 1861-1865 and you.  It is highly likely that many Americans today have ancestors that fought on both sides of the war.  We highly encourage you to enroll in BOTH organizations ~ Confederate and Federal ~ to celebrate your ancestors' service during the War.   Several of Beauregard Camp 130's Compatriots are also enrolled in the Department of Texas and Louisiana, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War!

It must be noted that organizations we mention here are dedicated to the preservation of the fact-based MILITARY HISTORY of the War of 1861-1865.  Our organizations are not involved with the economic, social or political aspects of life and government that existed during this period of time.  There are other historical societies and organizations that are dedicated to the preservation of non-military aspects of life and government as it existed between 1860 and 1865.

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We suggest that once you've decided to pursue membership in the Sons of Confederate Veterans, among your first steps is contacting our Camp's Membership Team dedicated to assisting your efforts.  Our Membership Team can be reached via e-mail at:

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I Have Confederate And Union Veteran Ancestors
~ Can I Join Both SCV And SUVCW? ~

Separating your War Veteran ancestors of over 150 years and you means that there is a probability that you have both Federal and Confederate Veteran ancestors!  After the war ended, many Union Sailors, Soldiers and Marines moved South of the Mason-Dixon Line while others moved West, making a new life in these regions.  While Federal veterans relocated after the war, so did Confederate veterans.  Almost all Southern states were devastated by war and massive foraging armies moving from battle to battle.  Many Confederate veterans abandoned their pre-War homes for new opportunities they found elsewhere.  And many former Confederate Sailors, Soldiers and Marines re-enlisted into the Armed Forces of the United States after the War ~ continuing their service to the reunified United States of America. 

This includes Pierre Gustave Toutant de Beauregard, who is appointed to the post-War reconstituted Louisiana State Militia as the Adjutant General.  His organization of the Louisiana State Militia is so effective and efficient that the United States Army adopts his Militia organization as a "blueprint" for all states militias.  The result is the birth of America's "Army National Guard"!

United States Army National Guard

Beauregard is commissioned as a Major General in the post-War United States Army Reserve and continues to serve both Louisiana and the United States Army for another decade ~ wearing U. S. "Army Blue" ~ until his final honorable military retirement.

It is highly likely that many Americans today have ancestors that fought on both sides of the war.  We highly encourage you to enroll in BOTH organizations ~ Confederate and Federal ~ to celebrate all of your ancestors' service during the War of 1861-1865.  

A few current Beauregard Camp 130's Compatriots are also enrolled in the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War; Department of Texas and Louisiana!  And yes ~ they do don both Confederate Gray and Federal Blue during re-enactments as needed to fill in gaps in "the lines" during annual battlefield re-enactments here in Louisiana and in other states.

I Do Not Have Confederate or Union Veteran Ancestors
~ Can I Still Join? ~

If your ancestors came to America after the War of 1861-1865, you can still join one or both of our organizations through "Associate Membership" programs ~ giving you the opportunities to participate in our contemporary organizations' military history preservation programs as well as participating in our ongoing "living history" re-enacting educational programs!

Education Programs Known As "Re-enactments"

Every year in any given state North and South of the Mason-Dixon Line ... the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) offer your family and you an exciting educational and entertainment experience unlike any other.  We delve into firsthand historic records and recreate "living history" ~ so that everyone who attends experiences life for your ancestors as it actually was 150+ years ago.

A re-enactment is a major undertaking ... months of planning, training and preparation goes into each and every event.  When the gates swing wide open and your family and you walk into the park, you also step back 150+ years into American Republic History.  The day's events are fulfilling!  Suttlers from all across our American Republic are there to show you everything from uniforms and accouterments to Gentle Ladies apparel patterns you can acquire to recreate 1860s-era "day dresses' and 'formal evening gowns'!  Step a few feet on through the "Suttlers' Camp" and you oft time will find "Civil War Photography" booths setup ~ sometimes you will even be able to buy ice cream and soda pop created 100% from original 1860s era formulas and preparation techniques.  As your day progresses, gentlemen and gentle ladies offer you the opportunity to step back 150+ years ago ~ to dance the dance steps your ancestors of the 1860s would have known all too well ... regardless of the fact that your ancestors may have lived in America OR Europe at that time.  These dance steps were the same ...

Throughout your day, you will also step into a gathering where Confederates and Federals will show you military skills of the 1860s ~ from the proper loading and firing of rifles and pistols to horsemanship even over to cannon firing.  At different points of the day, you may even happen onto a Federal or Confederate military band striking up a military march tune of the era. 

And then ... the main event arrives ...

Once again ~ across that deadly space separating Federal and Confederate ... the armies collide.  You are a living witness to the events that shaped American Republic History.  The uniforms are 100% authentic.  2 to 3 layers of " 21" wool can weigh up to 25 pounds alone ~ then add to that the soldier's field accouterments we wear ... from rifles and pistols to leather belts and holsters and cartridge boxes and (for Federals) leather backpacks ~ metal canteens wrapped in wool covers and other equipment ... a field soldier of the 1860s are weighed down by almost 50 pounds of "military" uniforms and equipment.  The Sun above is brutal, and humidity adds to the effort to fight a battle.

At Louisiana's annual Spring major re-enactment of the "Battles and Siege of Port Hudson, Louisiana" ... the Federal Infantry and Cavalry that takes the field are the living descendants of Federal Army commands of New York, Illinois and Indiana ~ all of whom drove or flew a few thousand miles to be at Port Hudson, Louisiana, to relive their Federal Army ancestors fight!  Almost all of the Confederates at Port Hudson are the direct descendants of those who defended Port Hudson ... and kept open the final link that held Western Louisiana, Texas and the Confederate "Arizona Territory" connected to the "Eastern Confederacy".

This is one of the major endeavors of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War! Both organizations actively plan and host our annual "educational programs" that present audiences of all ages with "living history" through re-enactments of life in the Armies, Navies and Marine Corps of the War ...   And it's not just the battles; we also setup re-enactments of life in garrisons, in field encampments between battles, as well as educational presentations of specialized skills employed by officers and enlisted personnel throughout the war. 

Re-enactors do ~ as any given situation arises ~ don Confederate Gray or Federal Blue.  We do so in order to provide our audiences with the best possible experiences while being witnesses to battle re-enactments!  The skills required to re-enact Confederate and Federal military actions during a battle are the same ... as they were for our Confederate and Federal military ancestors over 150 years ago.  So do not be surprised if you attend Louisiana's major Spring re-enactment of the Battles and Siege of Port Hudson, Louisiana, and notice "Federal Artillerists" manning their guns there ~ and then ~ attend Louisiana's major Autumn re-enactment at Camp Moore ... and notice "Confederate Artillerists" manning the guns there. 

Both the SCV and the SUVCW want to guarantee that your education program experiences are complete, and if that means wearing either Federal Blue or Confederate Gray, we do so for your learning and entertainment experience during Louisiana's re-enacting events ... do keep in mind that this is not a uniquely Louisiana experience.  Re-enactors ~ in both Northern and Southern states ~ do so all of the time to ensure that your learning and entertainment experiences at ALL education program re-enactment events are as complete as is humanly possible.

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