The City of New Orleans' War Against American Veterans

~ Saving The American Veterans' Memorial Monuments Of New Orleans ~

So long as our American Veterans' Monuments stand, our Camp will NEVER stop our legal efforts to keep these memorials right where they've stood since they were unveiled!

In spite of a recent federal court ruling against saving American Veterans' Memorial Monuments ~ there IS more to come!  Mitch Landrieu and his anti-American Veterans' "Take 'em Down NOLA!" and "The New Orleans Workers Group" will NOT win when all is said and done!  We continue to oppose Landrieu and his "collective"; his "Take 'em Down NOLA!" entity seeks, through their announced agenda published to their FaceBook profile, is nothing less that the complete revision of pre-1880 American History to fit their Progressive Democratic Party narrative ... while their "New Orleans Workers Group" seeks nothing less than the overthrow of the United States Government and The Constitution of the United States.

Mitch Landrieu and his "collective" constantly advance their political agenda seeking to impugn the honor and integrity of every American Veteran Confederate Soldier, Sailor and Marine by following the Progressive Democratic Party narrative that they fought solely for racism, segregation, white supremacy and slavery ... their rendition of the so-called "Myth of the Confederate Lost Cause".  This Landrieu narrative is a lie ...

If slavery, white supremacy, segregation and "treason" are NOT the reasons why our American Veteran Confederate Soldiers, Sailors and Marines went to war, what was that reason?


Confederate Veterans ARE Veterans
Of The
Armed Forces Of The United States

Original Source Of Information

38 United States Code Chapter 15 Section 1501: Definitions
(Federal Veterans Law)

We need to draw your attention to "Louisiana House Bill 71"; a bill intended to protect ALL Louisiana monuments dedicated to American Veterans:

Provides for the conservation of public military memorials

The Bill passed by vote from the committee and now goes to the full Louisiana House of Representatives for a vote!  YOU can help ~ contact every Louisiana Legislator and Senator ... tell them you support passage of "Louisiana House Bill 71" in the full House and through the Louisiana Senate.

~ Contacting Louisiana Representatives ~

Barras, Taylor F. (Ex Officio) Dist. 48 (R)
800 S. Lewis Street Suite 206, 2nd Floor
New Iberia, LA 70560
Berthelot, John A. (Chairman) Dist. 88 (R)
1024 S. Purpera
Gonzales, LA 70737
Billiot, Robert E. Dist. 83 (D)
#10 Westbank Expressway
Westwego, LA 70094
Bouie, Joseph Dist. 97 (D)
6305 Elysian Fields Ave. Suite 400
New Orleans, LA 70122
Davis, Paula Dist. 69 (R)
7902 Wrenwood Blvd. Suite D
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Dwight, Stephen Dist. 35 (R)
P.O. Box 12703
Lake Charles, LA 70612-2703
Edmonds, Rick Dist. 66 (R)
3931 S. Sherwood Forest Blvd. Suite 200
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Glover, Cedric Dist. 4 (D)
1341 Russell Rd.
Shreveport, LA 71107
Hilferty, Stephanie Dist. 94 (R)
3331 Severn Ave. Suite 206
Metairie, LA 70002
Huval, Mike (Vice Chair) Dist. 46 (R)
110 N. Main St.
Breaux Bridge, LA 70517
Jenkins, Sam Dist. 2 (D)
2419 Kings Hwy.
Shreveport, LA 71103
Leger, Walt III (Ex Officio) Dist. 48 (D)
935 Gravier St. Suite 2155
New Orleans, LA 70112
Lyons, Rodney Dist. 87 (D)
2100 Woodmere Blvd. Suite 160
Harvey, LA 70058
Marcelle, Denise Dist. 61 (D)
1824 N. Acadian Thruway W.
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Norton, Barbara M. Dist. 3 (D)
3245 Hollywood Avenue
Shreveport, LA 71108
Pugh, Stephen E. Dist. 73 (R)
114 Northeast Railroad Avenue
Ponchatoula, LA 70454
Richard, Jerome Dist. 55 (I)
907 Jackson Street
Thibodaux, LA 70301
Smith, Patricia Haynes Dist. 67 (D)
251 Florida Street Suite 300
Baton Rouge, LA 70801
Stagni, Joseph A. Dist. 92 (R)
2002 20th Street Suite 204-A
Kenner, LA 70062
White, Malinda Dist. 75 (D)
116 Georgia Ave. Suite B
Bogalusa, LA 70427

It must be noted that Mitch Landrieu announced just the other day that he plans to IGNORE this Bill even if it passes through both Houses of the Louisiana Legislature and is signed by Governor Jon Bell Edwards!  Odd how Democrats talk about servants of the LAW ~ but only those laws that supports their political agendas.

The American Veterans organization enacted their own resolution calling for the protection of all American Veterans Memorial Monuments ~ including all Confederate Veterans Memorial Monuments ~ nationwide:

Protection of American War Memorials, Monuments and Veterans Graves

Section One: Morality versus Money

The city claims the our American Veterans' monuments are a 'nuisance' that represent white supremacy, slavery, segregation and treason.  And yet, the city collects revenues from these very same monuments in the form of tourism fees and taxes paid by tourists who pay tour group bus tours all over the city.  The best of these tours is known as the "Civil War Tour", and touches on ALL Confederate monuments in the city as well as the final resting places of Confederate veterans.


If these monuments represent both a nuisance as well as white supremacy, slavery, segregation and treason ~ why does the City of New Orleans continue to collect hundreds of thousands to a few millions of dollars annually ~ in the form of tourism revenue from the very monuments they seek to tear down?

Why hasn't the City of New Orleans renounced these revenues raised from tourism, hotel and restaurant taxation and fees-collecting from American and global tourists visiting these monuments, especially through the "New Orleans' Civil War Tours" the city sanctions?


Section Two: Public Infrastructure ~ Safe or Severely Damaged

The city claims that the "public infrastructures" of the City of New Orleans are structurally sound and will support the weight of 7 to 15 TONS of bronze as well as the granite, brick and concrete being moved across the city's infrastructures to this mysterious American Veterans' Monuments Park allegedly to be established in New Orleans City Park.  And yet, the City of New Orleans annually presents its budget funding requests to both the United States Government and the State of Louisiana ~ claiming that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita severely damaged those very same "public infrastructures" ... and that these grants go 100% to rebuilding and restoration of the very same public infrastructures (the city's street system as well as the underground public utilities (in the form of water lines and drainage / sewerage lines)).  The very same "public infrastructure" systems the city told the federal and Louisiana state courts will easily support the weight of tens of TONS of bronze, granite, brick and concrete without any harm.

Question:  Which is correct? 

1.  Are the city's public infrastructures structurally sound and can support tens of tons of disassembled monuments from their current locations to this mysterious New Orleans City Park "Monuments Park" Mitch Landrieu speaks of?

~ or ~

2.  Are these same public infrastructures "severely damaged from Katrina / Rita 2005" and in desperate need of billions of both Federal government and Louisiana state tax dollars that are already expended, with more funding required to complete this mammoth city-wide "public infrastructures" restoration project?

Another Question:  As the city's attorney contends that New Orleans public infrastructures are able to support these monuments' migration to this mysterious park over miles of city streets and underground public utilities infrastructures ... why hasn't a single political leader in either the federal government (i.e. The Congress of the United States) and the Louisiana state government (i.e. the Louisiana Legislature) brought up this 'discrepancy' to Mitch Landrieu, the City Council and especially the City Planning Commission?


Section Three: A Mystery ~ The Alleged "Monuments Park" To Resurrect Our American Veterans' Monuments?

The city claims that these monuments are "priceless outdoors artwork" ~ then claims that these monuments represent white supremacy, slavery, segregation and treason ~ and yet, the city plans to move these monuments to a New Orleans City Park "Monuments Park" ... the location and preparation of said site not publicly known OR being prepared in advance of these monuments being torn down.

Questions:  What is this New Orleans City Park "Monuments Park"?  Where is it?  When will site preparation work begin?  Who is funding this "Monuments Park"?  Who will be managing this park? 

Given the federal court-recognized status of "priceless outdoors artwork" of these monuments:

Another Set Of Questions:  What Monuments Park "staffing plan" exists to hire, provision a work environment for as well as provisions salaries and benefits for a "Monuments Park Museum Staff"?  Who will serve as Manager, Monuments Park?  Who will be appointed to the post of "Chief Curator"?  Who will be appointed to the positions of "Restoration Specialists"?  Where are the funds provisioned that will provide salaries and benefits for this staff?


Section Four: Beauregard ~ Traitor or Honorable United States Army General Officer After The War of 1861-1865?

The city, and specifically Mitch Landrieu, has publicly accused Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Pierre Gustave Toutant de Beauregard to be 'traitors'.  And yet, The Congress of the United States passed laws that since the mid-1860s restored citizenship and voting rights to each of these men ~ backdated to the late 1860s.  In fact, Pierre Gustave Toutant de Beauregard was appointed a few DECADES AFTER the War of 1861-1865 to the post of Adjutant General of the restored Louisiana State Militia.  It was Beauregard's reorganization and leadership of the Louisiana Militia that became the 'blueprint' the United States Army to create what we know today as the "United States Army National Guard" system.

Beauregard's Army Militia / Army National Guard commission as a General officer was recognized by the United States Army and by an act of The Congress of the United States, Beauregard became a United States Army "Reserve" commissioned General officer ...

Question:  If Davis, Lee and Beauregard ~ indeed all Confederate veterans ~ are 'traitors', as Mitch Landrieu publicly decreed, why would The Congress of the United States restore all citizenship rights to these men?  Why would a traitor be re-commissioned by the State of Louisiana AND the Congress of the United States to be a serving commissioned General officer in the US Army via what became the Army National Guard system ~ a system Beauregard "blueprinted" for the United States decades after his War of 1861-1865 military service?


Section Five: Misappropriation and Misuse Of Federal And State Funds

Mitch Landrieu, having failed to obtain the required minimum three (03) sealed bids in response to the City's three different "RFP" (Requests For Pricing) ~ he now waits until the middle of the night ~ and under the cover of night deploys Firefighters from the City of New Orleans Fire Department to tear down American Veterans' Memorial Monuments!

As the City of New Orleans received federal and Louisiana taxpayer funded subsidies to keep the City's absolutely essential firefighters and their equipment, Landrieu's misdirecting New Orleans Fire Department personnel and resources to tear down American Veterans' Memorial Monuments seriously endangers sections of the City of New Orleans whose firefighters are redirected to meet his political agenda and goals. 

Question:  In the effort, what happens to the fire departments that face a manpower shortage in the event one or more firefighters are injured (however slight) in the monuments removal process?

Question:  Are your Federal and Louisiana tax dollars dedicated by POPULAR VOTE for firefighters and their equipment being properly used by tearing down monuments?  Is this not misappropriation of federal and Louisiana funds?

QuestionWhy is Landrieu bypassing City Ordinances and policies by misusing firefighters and assets ~ and NO ONE is challenging him on this in either Federal or Louisiana state courts?

QuestionWhy is no one challenging Landrieu on his misappropriation of federal and state funds before The Congress of the United States and the Louisiana State Legislature?

QuestionIf any other City Civil Servant to take onto herself or himself the role of misdirecting federal and state funding intended for firefighting purposes ~ and use them for political agenda acts, actions and activities ... that civil servant would be arrested, imprisoned, and fined ... so what makes Landrieu exempt?


~ Perhaps the most significant Question du Jour to ask is ~


Section Six: Beauregard ~ Slaver or Co-Founder Of The 1873 America's Civil Rights Movement?

Mitch Landrieu and the City of New Orleans legally contends that Beauregard stood for and represents today white supremacy, slavery, segregation and treason.  BUT ~ when the topic of the "Reunification Movement of 1873" arises, neither Landrieu or the City of New Orleans wants to publicly speak of the movement OR Beauregard's role in the movement ...

Your legitimate question is: "What is the Unification Movement of 1873?"

This is a very legitimate question ~ one American History textbooks does not even identify, nor are there any plans to account for this major movement in American History.  So what is the "Unification Movement of 1873"?  The short answer is: "The Unification Movement of 1873 is the legal, legitimate birth of the American Civil Rights Movement!"  The American Civil Rights Movement did not spring up in the 1950s as the official annals of United States History contends.  The birth of the American Civil Rights Movement started with Fredrick Douglas prior to the War of 1861-1865.  Douglas' movement demanded an end to slavery and full freedom for all Black Americans, throughout the United States.  And yes, slavery was alive and well north of the "Mason-Dixon Line" before and DURING the War of 1861-1865.

How can this be? 

The "Emancipation Proclamation" freed all slaves and ended slavery during the War itself!  And American History textbooks proclaims that there were no slaves north of the "Mason-Dixon Line".  Both contentions are false.  One need only read Lincoln's "Emancipation Proclamation" to realize that this Executive Order freed no slaves whatsoever.  Constitutional Law provisioned "property ownership" in the United States of America from the birth of the Constitutional Republic when the Constitution of the United States of America was ratified by all states.  As each state was added to the Union between the ratification of the Constitution, each state ~ as a part of admissions to the United STATES of America ~ recognized the legal "enumerated powers" of our Constitutional Federal Government, including the provisions covering "property rights".

Given the Constitution and those provisions for "property rights", Lincoln's "Emancipation Proclamation" (text of the proclamation) was and still is an illegal Executive Order.  Any citizen would easily have won a federal civil court challenge had one been filed, based on two legal precedence: the Constitution itself and "Marbury v. Madison".   From American legal jurisprudence and precedence, a President of the United States cannot issue an Executive Order that contradicts any provision of the Constitution of the United States on his own.  The President does not possess legislative authority ~ that enumerated power ... the power to writing law ... rests with the Legislative branch of our Constitution.  Even with ratification of the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery and indentured servitude, all slaves were free BUT had no rights other than freedom.

Neither the Emancipation Proclamation nor the 13th Amendment could grant citizenship or voting rights to freed slaves or freed indentured servants.  In 1868 the 14th Amendment addressed the equal protection and rights of former slaves and indentured servants.  In 1870 the 15th Amendment "prohibits the federal and state governments from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen's "race, color, or previous condition of servitude".

And yet, even with these 3 new Constitutional Amendments, "Reconstruction" (aka occupation) authorities showed no interests whatsoever in enforcing equal protection under the law to almost all Southerners, especially freed slaves and indentured servants.

Enter Pierre Gustave Toutant de Beauregard ~ former General of the Provisional Army of the Confederate States ... a firsthand witness to the results of the abolition of slavery and indentured servitude without citizenship and especially no protection from persecution from "Reconstruction" federal authorities.

Beauregard is a witness to what was happening under United States occupation of the defeated Southern states where both defeated Confederates and freed slaves / indentured servants had no rights whatsoever.  After 7 years of living in America with no American Constitutional rights whatsoever, Beauregard becomes the Co-Founder of the "Unification Movement of 1873", with the organization's stated goal to enforce existing laws as well as demand equal and full voting rights as well as complete integration of all public schools and all public transportation systems.


1.  Are the mission and vision statements of Beauregard's "Unification Movement of 1873" not the very definition and goals for  today's "American Civil Rights"?

2.  If The "Unification Movement of 1873" is the original American Civil Rights Movement ~ so does this not make Pierre Gustave Toutant de Beauregard the Co-Founder of the actual American Civil Rights Movement alongside Fredrick Douglas ... over 80 years before our American History textbooks teach us this movement started?

3.  Why would Mitch Landrieu, the New Orleans City Council and the City Planning Commission officially 'decree' that Pierre Gustave Toutant de Beauregard be identified as a white supremacist, slaver, segregationist and traitor? 

4.  Shouldn't "We The People of the United States ..." be HONORING Pierre Gustave Toutant de Beauregard as a Founding Father of America's Civil Rights Movement and not trying to tear down his memorial monument and especially his name?

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