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~ Ranks Of The United States Marine Corps ~

As the "Seven Republics" were born, the United States Marine Corps faced an immediate disaster insofar as officers and enlisted Marines are concerned.  Every Marine Officer holding a command billet in the pre-War United States Marine Corps are from southern states, as are the overwhelming majority of non-commissioned officers.  From the very outset of the war, the U. S. Marine Corps undertakes a major restructuring effort to replace the loss of critical command officers and senior non-commissioned officers while simultaneously training and promoting officers and non-commissioned officers into vacant billets both at sea and ashore.

The Corps recovers quickly and by 1864 is once more taking on our purely offensive combat service role for the U. S. Navy in a series of amphibious operations that prove to be quite successful by the end of the war.

1861 - 1864 Officer Kepi Emblem 1864 - 1865 Officer Kepi Emblem

Marine Corps officers were identified by an elaborate, rope-based shoulder strap, a reduced version of the older epaulettes worn in all branches. The 1864 USMC cover device was a version of the Army bugle, with a Gothic-letter "M" within.

Jacob Zeilin
1806 - 1880)

On June 10, 1864, Zeilin is appointed "Colonel-Commandant of the Marine Corps" in the rank of Colonel.

His faithful and efficient performance of the duties of Commandant of the Marine Corps during the trying period of the last year of the war and those years immediately following the close of the war is evidenced by the fact that he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General on 2 March 1867.  

Upon his promotion, he becomes the United States Marine Corps' first G
eneral Officer.

After the war, Brigadier General Zeilin successfully defends the Marine Corps against its critics who wish to end its existence.

In 1868, Zeilin approves of the design of the "Eagle, Globe, and Anchor" as the emblem for the Marine Corps.

~ United States Marine Corps Officers Ranks ~

Rank Uniform Shoulder Boards Grade
Brigadier General
(Brig Gen)


Lieutenant Colonel
(Lt Col)
First Lieutenant
(1st Lt)
Second Lieutenant
nd Lt)

~ Confederate Marine Corps Enlisted Ranks ~

Rank Uniform Sketch Chevrons Grade
Sergeant Major
(Sgt Maj)
Quartermaster Sergeant
(QM Sgt)
Ordinance Sergeant or Drum Major
(Ord Sgt)
First Sergeant
(1st Sgt)
Private / Musician
(Pvt / Mus)

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